Subtle Medical Website and Assets Redesign

Subtle Medical develops vendor-neutral software solutions that improve image quality on regular and accelerated image protocols, allowing radiologists to expedite patient care.

Key Challenges

  • How to illustrate time savings and visual parity utilizing Subtle solutions without relying on enhancing the images to highlight the difference.

  • Current layout of the site and poor branding/positioning for SubtleMR and SubtlePET blurred the differentiation between the products.

  • Sales materials, conference booths and handouts, and digital assets were off brand and hard to read (and sell).

AI Powered. No, Really.

Resolution upscaling and denoising algorithms, empowered by deep learning reconstruction, is the heart of Subtle Medical’s solution suite. While this has marketing power in words, it’s visually challenging to tell a compelling story.

Enhance with Less, not More.

RebelGTM created a new brand guide that pushed aside complex illustrations or layouts and presented a new, clean aesthetic, letting the medical imaging results take center stage.

With redesigned materials better suited to position Subtle Medical's value propositions as clear and separate products, Subtle Medical comes to market with a much stronger visual story, backed by a competent brand image.


  • Messaging and marketing visuals for SubtlePET and SubtleMR are now appropriately distinct.

  • Website has been redesigned and rebuilt to support the expansion of new products and proper brand positioning.

  • Marketing campaigns now have strong materials support, with strategic email and social media campaign funnels.

I've worked with Holly at two separate companies and would recommend her to anyone in B2B tech. She's a "fast learn" so she quickly understands the value prop of different types of software. She excels at strong messaging and positioning, product launches that get the attention of target buyers, and ensuring that the sales team has the right content to earn our client's business.

Stan Tims, COO, ChiroTouch

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