Performio Website 
and Assets Redesign

Performio is the only enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software that’s easy to use and gets you up and running in weeks. Automate your sales commission calculations. Communicate sales comp in an instant. Gain actionable insights from having all your sales compensation data in one place.

Key Challenges

  • An aging website was hampering a strong brand logo, with a static layout and a restrictive and flat color scheme that didn’t feel modern.

  • Calls to action were sparse and not positioned where the users attention was focused. Many pages ended abruptly, leaving visitors with no place to go.

  • Software visuals were literal snapshots that overwhelmed users with too much data, creating white noise instead of offering support for the messaging.

Evolution in Branding

Peeling back the layers of bland design, Rebel GTM explored how color and changes to typography could elevate the strengths of the brand while eschewing the unnecessary boundaries defined by the existing branding guide.

Sales People are Buyers, Too.

In order to communicate the key strengths of Performio’s platform, RebelGTM created clean UX visuals to support the primary narrative; simplicity, time savings and seamless integration.

Armed with a stronger branding toolbox, Performio launched their new website alongside marketing initiatives and messaging targeting their core demographic, and immediately set new sales goals with the jump in activity and conversions.


  • A new linear, narrative-driven website saw a strong uptick in sales upon launch.

  • Smarter calls to actions tied to clearer visual presentations of their solution increased conversions.

I've worked with Holly at two separate companies and would recommend her to anyone in B2B tech. She's a "fast learn" so she quickly understands the value prop of different types of software. She excels at strong messaging and positioning, product launches that get the attention of target buyers, and ensuring that the sales team has the right content to earn our client's business.

Stan Tims, COO, ChiroTouch

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