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Our team brings over 100 man-years of successful experience to provide clients with expertise in all aspects of go to market for B2B technologies – from strategies for product-lead growth, to creating a stand-out website, to optimizing sales operations,  and improving customer advocacy.

Our Services

Strategic Planning & Advisory

Embed GTM leaders into your executive team to help you identify the right strategies to grow your business.  We roll up our sleeves, analyze the company and the market, identify the best segments and buyers, and then work collaboratively to develop plans to match growth targets.  Most clients include us in board meetings to drive the GTM discussion and ensure buy-in.

Fractional CMO & CRO

Engage a part-time or project-based CMO or CRO to address short-term GTM needs at your company. Our seasoned leaders have navigated clients through critical transitions to develop strategies and implement operations and processes until a full-time leader is hired.

Working with the Rebel GTM team is a game-changer. RebelGTM helped us to re-brand our company, determine the best segments and buyers for our solution, rapidly set up sales and marketing operations that increased our pipeline by 10X, and drove rigorous deal reviews that reduced our sales cycle.

Mahesh Veerina, President & CEO, ParkourSC

GTM Assessment & Advisory

What’s your GTM Readiness Score?  Many of our clients start with Rebel’s proprietary GTM Readiness Assessment to identify the strategic and tactical challenges that undermine company growth.  During this 2-4 day engagement we interview the executive team and GTM staff, review systems and provide an executive report with actionable recommendations.

GTM Strategy & Planning

You’ve built a great solution, now is your go-to-market network ready to sell and deliver it? Our leaders have developed GTM strategies and execution models to remove friction, speed delivery, and boost growth. We understand what it takes to align your organization to get product, marketing, sales, communications, professional services, partnerships, and support on the same page.  

Buyer’s Journey & Expansion Strategy

Expansion strategies, such as customer advocacy and upsell/cross sell programs are as integral to GTM as new logo acquisition.  The buyer’s journey must influence every part of the GTM strategy and operations.  Our team of experts map the current buyer’s journey, identify areas for improvement, and develop an intuitive and logical path for your buyers that speeds sales, adoption, and renewal.

Product-Lead Growth

Buyers today prefer to self-educate and test before making a larger investment for B2B technologies.  Emerging companies need to build their solutions from the beginning with this dynamic in mind.  We assess our clients’ technologies and processes and develop actionable strategies for harnessing product-lead GTM. 

International Expansion

When you’re ready to look overseas and penetrate new markets, it’s critical to engage sales and marketing experts in target countries to help forge your path in unfamiliar territory.  Rebel connects you with the leaders who’ve “been there, done that”.

Our Services

Sales & Marketing

Most clients need sales and marketing initiatives to “start yesterday”. Our GTM leaders select and manage a team of functional experts who hit the ground running.  Functional experts use our proven approaches to GTM and work quickly to upscale the brand, develop messaging, create sales & marketing tools, deploy websites, launch new programs and operationalize processes.

Enterprise Branding & Websites

Research shows that by the time a real lead has contacted your company, they have already completed 80% of their research about the potential solutions to their problems. This means that the personality — the branding, website, and other content — that your company presents can determine whether you make the short list. Is your brand and website helping or hurting your business? 

Growth Marketing & Demand Generation

Most emerging companies need leads and pipeline now – they don’t have the luxury of waiting for a year to get the right in-house team in place.  Our drop-in GTM team has repeatedly generated millions of dollars of pipeline in a short period for our clients and guides your sales team in developing pipeline and forecasting accurately.

Working with the Rebel GTM team is a game-changer. Rebel GTM helped us to re-brand our company, determine the best segments and buyers for our solution, rapidly set up sales and marketing operations that increased our pipeline by 10X, and drove rigorous deal reviews that reduced our sales cycle.

Mahesh Veerina, President & CEO, ParkourSC

Product Marketing & Sales Enablement

Product marketing and sales enablement are critical for a repeatable and sustainable GTM process. Without an in-depth understanding of the competitive market, ideal company profiles, and buyer personas it is difficult to close new business or upsell to the existing customer base. We help our clients to improve the fundamentals of competitive analysis, target markets, messaging, and content development to fuel sales efficiency and boost revenue.

GTM Training & Workshops

Many of our clients have mid-level employees for demand generation or sales operations. They do well on tactical planning, but often need some additional training or guidance.  RebelGTM conducts workshops in everything GTM – from branding, messaging, segmentation, competitive analysis, demand generation, sales methodologies, sales models, and more.  

I've worked with the team at RebelGTM at two different companies and will definitely use their services again. RebelGTM transforms the brands of new technology companies to help them engage with enterprise buyers. They helped us to establish a marketing strategy that put our unknown company on the map, attracted senior executives from our competitors, and earned strong reviews from industry analysts. They also helped us to implement a demand generation function that overachieved our sales and marketing targets.

Aimee Caton , Director of Marketing, Performio

Our Services

Customer Experience

GTM strategies should always center on delivering the best-possible customer experience.  Our GTM leaders assess the customer experience, identify areas of improvement and work with your existing team to address challenges.  We often augment the team with additional functional experts to get customer programs on the right track.

Onboarding & Adoption

Clear onboarding and adoption processes are crucial to gain traction with new customers and to set up your GTM team to earn renewals and expansion. We provide an assessment of the customer journey, identify barriers to adoption, and deliver actionable recommendations to improve product usage and customer satisfaction.

Tracking User Behavior

Monitoring and measuring user behavior is key to making informed decisions that drive growth and improve the customer experience.  We help our clients establish a framework to track user behaviors that drive the product roadmap, map the buyer’s journey, and identify expansion opportunities.

Customer Advisory & Advocacy

Rebel develops customer advisory boards, programs, and content proven to provide value to your customers while also supporting referenceability and expansion strategies. 

Our Services

Product & Technology

Many emerging technology companies could use a hand in their product and technology team.  Our award-winning technical, product management, and design experts embeds with your team to provide objective usability feedback and create modern user interfaces that make your demos pop. We even develop entire applications -- including Generative AI applications -- for clients if their technical resources are too busy or they lack the required expertise in-house.

Persona-Based Roadmap

B2B technology customers today expect solutions that address the specific needs of each user.  This means you need a product roadmap closely aligned with the target buyers. Rebel provides a strategic approach to persona-based roadmaps, encompassing market research, defining buyer personas, mapping pain points and goals, aligning product features and messaging, and iterating based on customer feedback.

Usability Assessment

A usability study typically involves assessing the user experience and interaction design of the application to ensure it is intuitive, efficient, and meets the needs of its users. By conducting a usability study for an online application, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points, allowing you to refine and optimize the application for a better user experience.

User Experience Design & Development

A comprehensive offering that focuses on creating exceptional user experiences for digital products and services. It combines the expertise of UX designers, researchers, and developers to deliver user-centered designs and seamless interactions. You can expect a collaborative and iterative process that places your users at the center of every decision.

Application Development

Our Application Development as a Service is designed to help businesses bring their software ideas to life and transform their digital aspirations into fully functional applications. We understand that building a reliable, secure, and user-friendly application requires technical expertise, efficient project management, and a deep understanding of your business objectives. With our dedicated team of developers and our proven development process, we ensure that your application is developed to the highest standards.

Our Services

Recruiting & Placement

Since our GTM leaders work with you on a day-to-day basis, they gain an in-depth perspective on the culture, strengths, and challenges facing the organization.  This unique model provides the placement team with deeper information to help you hire a strong leadership team.  Our GTM leaders then ensure a smooth transition from the fractional engagement to the full time executives and senior hires.

Executive & Staff Sourcing

Hiring customer-facing executives, leaders, and individual contributors is often a challenging exercise for young companies.  Unfortunately this trial-and-error process comes with a high cost. Working with placement experts to identify the right persona and profile of the person that you need from the outset saves our clients both time and money. 
Rebel’s office of search recruits for all stages of companies with proven success in helping our clients prepare a successful exit or IPO.  Our executive recruitment experts use well-established relationships with high-impact talent to place strong leaders and staff entire GTM groups.  


Many of our clients have a young and driven team. They do well on mid-level planning and execution, but often need some additional training or guidance to align product, marketing, sales, and customer success initiatives to the corporate strategy. RebelGTM conducts workshops for every function of go to market. Contact us today to learn more.

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I've worked with Holly at two separate companies and would recommend her to anyone in B2B tech. She's a "fast learn" so she quickly understands the value prop of different types of software. She excels at strong messaging and positioning, product launches that get the attention of target buyers, and ensuring that the sales team has the right content to earn our client's business.

Stan Tims, COO, ChiroTouch

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